Jean-Baptiste Favory

Jean-Baptiste Favory has composed since 1989. He has studied composition with Julio Estrada, Gérard Pape, Harry Halbrecht and Michel Zbar. He has been assistant to Luc Ferrari and Gavin Bryars at the Muse en circuit.

He has worked as a producer for the programme Ateliers de la creation radiophonique (RadioFrance) and is presenter of Epsilonia, a programme dedicated to experimental music on Radio Libertaire. Regulary, he writes articles and interwiews for the experimental music magazine Revue & Corrigée.

For the theatre, he has composed music for Marcel Bluwal and Victor Haïm, and various soundtracks for short films, as well as theme music and soundscapes for radio and for multimedia products.

In 1992, with a video artist, he created Cowboy Jean featuring a video-projected virtual singer during concerts in France and Mexico.

He was a founder member of the group of improvisers, Les Phonogénistes with whom he performed many times before leaving in 2000. Notably,electronic improvisations on the film Emak Bakia by Man Ray.

In 1997, residency (BF15 and Alliance française) in Monterrey (Mexico) for the creation of a video and concrete music performance in an IMAX dome. Teamed up with Los Lichis, a collective of artist-musicians with whom he has performed regularly in Mexico and in France. Commissioned for a sound installation at the gallery La BF15 during the Biennale d’art contemporain at Lyon (1997).

Since 2001, keyboard player in the free-rock group Documents, a group of improvisers experimenting with pure sound and noise. The group has performed regularly in Paris, Montreuil and Lille, often with Bûto dancers.

In 2003, he taught a course on sound forms at the University of Marne-la Vallée near Paris.

Since 2006, he has worked in the CCMIX (Iannis Xenakis Musical Center) where his personal studio is located. mostly used for composition, the Stu-Stu is also used for pre-mastering and restoration of ancient tapes. (For example, the sound archives of the painter jean Raine and digitalization of the music of the American composer georges Cacioppo for Mode Records).

Member of the Circle forLiberation of Sounds and Images. A 8 composers/performers’ band created in 2007, interpretating graphical scores with electronicdevices and computers in real time. The band is directed by Paul Mefano.


Cowboy-Jean, an (ava)star is born

Cowboy-Jean, live.

BF15 Galery

(Upon) P.F.Raine, and some LICHIS’ pictures.
(Above) Invitation to the exibition.

La bande à desseins


Performed live by the PHONOGENISTES in 2000.
A thin strip of paper 20 meters long, is rolled slowly in front of three instrumentalists. The choice of instruments is free. It is a graphic score containing symbolic musical indications -forms, textures, gestures- in 3 colors. The « roller » drives the strip with two turntables in front of him, he can decide to speed-up, slow-down, freeze, stop or rewind the strip. The idea is of a living tape recorder, with 3 heads, whitch interprets the graphic score differently each time...



Live improvisation by DOCUMENTS in their studio in Paris, 2003.
Guitar : André Ménard
drums : Bruno fernandes
Bass : David Buxton
Synths & Flutes : J.B Favory